MN Technologies Develops software and hardware solutions for the Parking Revenue and Vehicle Access Control Industry.

The Xpress PARC/Shift4® Integration


Your parking business relies heavily on the secure processing of payment card transactions. Your POS system must be as userfriendly
and secure as possible to protect your business and your reputation. While every processor, payment gateway, and POS...READ MORE

  • Parking Intel & Management System


    PIMS (Parking Intel & Management System) is specifically designed to interface with the Signal-Tech© Red Storm™ Level Count/Space Available System.   READ MORE

  • Xpress VMS



    Xpress VMS allows your patrons to make time saving decisions regarding where and how they park in your City, Campus or Parking Facility.


  • Universal Card Reader Interface


     Interface has a wide range of uses in the access control and vehicle access control market.  The Universal Interface converts different read head technology’s to output the data to the desired weigand protocol. Read More