Parking Intel & Management System

PIMS (Parking Intel & Management System) is specifically designed to interface with the Signal-Tech© Red Storm™ Level Count/Space Available System. The Red Storm™ is a differential count system that provides real time space available counts to digital LED signage directing vehicles to available parking spaces in a quick and efficient manner, thereby reducing driver frustration, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. PIMS was created to provide the same real time data to parking administrators/operators, facilities management and security personnel via PC; allowing them to generate usage and traffic reports and facilitate proactive decision making; in addition to making Space Available counts accessible to patrons via internal and/or external networks.
Provides a visual representation of the status of all lots/decks …… Pre-formatted reports
Statistical data stored in SQL database for easy retrieval and manipulation



Communicate with up to 255 signs
Display real time data on your PC/network …… Communicate with Static and Variable Messaging Signs
Export count info to a web-server via SFTP …… Deploy count info as an XML file
Adjust physical counts from your PC …… Future mobile phone support (can you say app?)