Xpress PARC/Shift4® Payment Gateway



Your parking business relies heavily on the secure processing of payment card transactions. Your POS system must be as userfriendly
and secure as possible to protect your business and your reputation. While every processor, payment gateway, and POS
system provider claims to be PCI compliant, on numerous occasions security breaches have proven otherwise. With the increased
vulnerabilities in today’s technological environment, it is vital that parking systems take preemptive measures to avoid these
breaches and meet the appropriate security standards to protect their customers’ privacy.
Xpress PARC and Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® are working together to provide simple solutions for your parking business to
accept and process parking-fee payments securely.
Xpress PARC is a Frequent Parker System developed by MN Technologies that is fully integrated with the ScanNet (soon to be
Element) Parking and Transportation Management System offered by 3M® Enterprise FMS (formerly Federal APD). The Xpress PARC
System allows frequent parkers unhindered access to and egress of your parking facility by supporting all types of vehicle access
credentials. Upon vehicle exit, Xpress PARC computes the parking fee (configurable with complex fee structure programming),
charges the customer’s credit card, and emails a receipt — all in one seamless, automatic process. A Frequent Parker Rewards
program is also offered and can be implemented as a separate application to provide added value to your parking facility.
Adding Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway gives parking facility managers the security of off-site, tokenized card data
storage as well as drastically simplified PCI compliance (thanks to Shift4’s PA-DSS-validated applications replacing your POS as the
payment application of record). DOLLARS ON THE NET prevents credit card information from being saved or stored on your computer
or your organization’s network. The system is easy to set up and use, and provides a wide range of standard reporting capabilities
and fraud controls in addition to industry-leading security.
Working together, these two systems will provide the solution to reduce your — and your customers’— security concerns.

Cardholder Data is at Risk
PCI allows vendor systems — and therefore merchants — to store sensitive cardholder data (CHD) if the data is strongly encrypted
and there are access controls in place such as firewalls and unique logins. Unfortunately, this data is under constant attack
from hackers and thieves — whose attempts to breach the security of this data are succeeding more than ever before. This sad
reality leaves CHD at risk, creates an even bigger burden for merchants, and jeopardizes the brand image of the parking provider.
The question is — how do merchants like you protect this information? The best solution to this problem is to safeguard CHD by
completely removing it from your POS system. As we like to say, They can’t steal what you don’t have.®

Shift4’s Solution
DOLLARS ON THE NET is a Web-based, bank- and processor-neutral payment gateway for credit, debit, and gift card transactions.
It boasts a wide array of unique features, extensive auditing capabilities, and fraud control and is designed to serve as a
comprehensive solution that offers managers and owners an enterprise-wide management tool. 4Go® and TrueTokenization®
are two optional security technologies provided with DOLLARS ON THE NET at no additional cost and are currently being used
with Xpress PARC.
4Go is a software “firewall” that intercepts the sensitive card data and provides placeholder data until a TrueToken can be
returned to the Xpress PARC system. This ensures that your system never stores, processes, or transmits actual CHD. 4Go uses
TrueTokenization®, Shift4’s proprietary tokenization solution, to provide a layered-security approach to reduce your PCI liability.
Shift4’s TrueTokenization allows you to store a 16-character, globally unique, randomized, alphanumeric representation of
the data called a TrueToken, instead of actual CHD. Essentially, anything the actual card number would be used for can be
accomplished using 4Go with a TrueToken, but without the security risk. Shift4’s TrueTokens can be archived for up to 24 months
for auditing, chargeback defense, and other information requests. Best of all, if the TrueToken is ever stolen, it will be absolutely
useless because it has no relation to the CHD outside of Shift4’s secure data centers.

Dollars Saved for Pennies Spent
Integrating DOLLARS ON THE NET with Xpress PARC brings Shift4’s industry-leading security technology, bank- and processorneutrality,
reliability, and efficiency to you and your customers. Best of all you pay only for the transactions you process — and
just pennies at that. The pay-as-you-go approach also allows you — regardless of your business size — to take advantage of the
capabilities of world-class software and security at an affordable price. For just a few pennies per transaction processed, you can
add dollars to your bottom line and feel confident that you have true security.
The Xpress PARC and Shift4 integrated solution offers simple parking facility access management and the best cardholder data
security during payment processing in the industry — all for just pennies per transaction.

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