Xpress VMS

Parking Enterprise Variable Messaging System

  • Xpress VMS allows your patrons to make time saving decisions regarding where and how they park in your City, Campus or Parking Facility.
  • X press VMS displays real-time parking related data to variable message signs deployed throughout your City, Campus or Parking Facility.
  • X press VMS also allows real time parking data to be deployed to your website, parking app on mobile phones or to your social media sites

In today’s fast paced world it is important to provide the parking patron with the easiest and fastest way to park their vehicles. With Xpress VMS, patrons can view what parking areas have vacancies and the number of parking spaces that are available.
Xpress VMS allows vehicle counts and other parking related data to be displayed on large and small displays or deployed to your website, Mobile App or to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Xpress VMS is an Integrated Variable Message Control System Developed for the Transportation Industry. Xpress VMS works seamlessly with the 3M Enterprise Parking Management System (EFMS) . Xpress VMS is totally integrated with the 3M software and can operate with many different transportation sign and display manufacturers (see list).
Xpress VMS is fully customizable and can be integrated with other parking management systems.

Xpress VMS 11

The technical support for the
Xpress VMS Software will provided by your local 3M Value Added Reseller

Xpress VMS allows easy configuration of up to 512 signs to operate over a
maximum of eight Communication Ports, Xpress VMS Software will provide
sign drivers for most popular sign manufacturers in the parking
industry including:

  • Daktronics Digimatics NU-Media
  • Mark IV Signal Tech

System Requirements Features and Benefits

3M Enterprise Facility Management System (EFMS) Software is required for Xpress VMS to operate. The Xpress VMS Control Interface will reside on the 3M Enterprise Facility Management System (EFMS) server or a remote console. The interface will connect with the EFMS to monitor in real time the actual count status of each configured lot in the system. This information will then be used to update space available signs in your facility or to be sent to your web site or social media site.

XML Interface (optional)
The XML interface will allow the Xpress VMS
count information to be sent to a web site ,
social media site or to be used by a third
party software for statistical purposes.
From Airport Website

Lot/Area Display
The graphical user interface will display in real-time on-screen the status of
each selected parking area . They can be displayed as a graphical line
chart, pie chart or bar chart that shows Monthly, Transient and Total Patrons
within the parking area.

Count and Static Information
Sign messaging can be displayed as facility counts or user changeable
static text messages. Static text messages can be programmed to change
based on the open or closed status of a configured lot. These static messages
can also be programed to change under control of time zone settings.
To take advantage of these capabilities the signs must be capable of
displaying alpha numeric information.

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